Avoid a Mechanic Rip Off

Some people can be suspicious of car service mechanics, especially when additional work is found to be required once a routine service has been undertaken. This is not helped by a minority out there who don’t always do the right thing. Fear not there is help out there to ensure you find a mechanic you trust.

So, how do you know if your mechanic is genuinely providing sound advice, or whether they are taking you for a ride? There are certainly some measures you can take to protect yourself. We found this interesting article about choosing a car mechanic to undertake your car service that may help you to identify what to look for in a good mechanic and some things that might ring alarm bells.

Whenever You Take Your Car in for Repairs:

  • Choose a reliable repair shop. Family, friends or an independent consumer rating organization should be able to help you. Look for shops that display various certifications that are current.
  • Describe the symptoms. Don’t try to diagnose the problem.
  • Make it clear that work cannot begin until you have a written estimate and you give your okay. . Never sign a blank repair order. If the problem can’t be diagnosed on the spot, insist that the shop contact you for authorization once the trouble has been found.
  • Ask the shop to keep the old parts for you.
  • If a repair is covered under warranty, follow the warranty instructions..
  • Get all repair warranties in writing.
  • Keep copies of all paperwork.

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