MOT Testing & Service

MOTs are a legal requirement in the UK. Currently vehicles aged three years or over must be tested every year. If your Audi is more than three years old, it’s a legal requirement for it to have an MOT test every year.

Here at Car Tech Autos we know that nothing is more important than your safety. Everyone who uses a vehicle on the road is required to keep it in a roadworthy condition. We have a dedicated team of qualified staff who will test your vehicle and, on your instruction, undertake any repairs or servicing necessary to make your car safe and roadworthy.

We’re ideally situated in South London, easy to get to anywhere in London – perfect for MOT tests and repairs in London.

We will examine your car thoroughly to ensure it meets the current legal requirements in all of the following areas:

We can undertake any necessary repairs and offer a same-day service, call our us on 020 7737 4300 or Book your MOT Test online

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Every car in the UK that is three years old or over must pass a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test every year.  This is a legal requirement to ensure that your car is safe and roadworthy.

There are thousands of MOT testing stations in London, many advertising cheap MOT and service options, but only Car-Tech Autos offers you the quality MOT and service offers you want for your car.

At Car-Tech Autos our highly trained team of mechanics and engineers will thoroughly examine your car inside and out to make sure it meets all current legal MOT test check requirements.

At our MOT Test Centres, which are located within our garages, we use the latest in diagnostic tools and engine management systems to help our mechanics to check that all parts of your car comply with current legal requirements.

What Is Involved In The Car MOT Check?

Your MOT tester will check:

  • Body and vehicle Structure
  • The fuel system
  • Exhaust emissions, Exhaust System and Silencer
  • Seats and Seat Belts
  • Doors and Mirrors
  • Load Security and Bonnet
  • Brakes, Tyres and Wheels
  • Registration Plates
  • Vehicle Lights and Headlamp Alignment
  • Windscreen, wipers and washers
  • Horn
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Vehicle Identification Number

What If My Car Fails The MOT Test Check?

Should we discover that any part of your car has failed the MOT test check we will contact you immediately to notify you of any necessary repairs that need to be carried out to enable your car to pass the car MOT check.

We will always give you a free, no-obligation quotation of the costs of the repair works and where possible, we will offer you the choice of using genuine manufacturer car parts or aftermarket replacement parts to repair your vehicle.

What’s more, our team of highly trained mechanics aim to do repairs and retests on the same day.  And we provide full documentation of all our repairs and servicing work and guarantees of our work too. You don’t get that with all MOT garages.

How much does a MOT cost?

As you drive around London you will probably see a different MOT price at different MOT Test Centres.  The maximum MOT price chargeable by law is currently £54.85 for cars.

Some MOT garages will offer a reduced price MOT if you book a service with them.  Their service fees can heavily outweigh any benefits you might get from a reduced cost of MOT.

Other MOT testing stations will try to entice you in with cheap MOT and service offers.  Before deciding to book an MOT and service with these garages, check what they actually include in their service.

Why You Should Choose Car-Tech Autos MOT and Service Offers.

Here at Car-Tech Autos we offer manufacturer approved servicing that goes beyond the servicing you get at a Main Dealer.  We not only ensure your car is safe and roadworthy to pass the MOT test check, we also ensure it is running as efficiently and as well as it can.

We use top of the range engine management systems, electrical diagnosis tools and air conditioning diagnosis tools to give your car the service it needs and deserves.  All of our technicians and mechanics are highly trained and have received manufacture approved training from Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Porsche and Volkswagen, to make them the best qualified mechanics to service your German car.

Our servicing check list is longer than any you will find at a main dealer.  We take pride in providing our customers the best MOT service and servicing in London.  What’s more we will send you a free text reminding you of your MOT date and time.

Book A MOT

To book a MOT with Car-Tech Autos either fill in our online form which is available 24/7 or call us on 020 7737 4300.